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Local Installers will find you a certified TV installation professional fast.

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Fast, Accurate Installation.

Kindly note that our TV installation and Wall Mounting service time frame may vary due to high demand, the type of installation you need and your exact location.

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Your Complete TV Install Solution

Looking to get a new smart TV stylishly wall mounted to complete your home entertainment system? Or maybe you have TV display screens already and need help installing them in your business space. Whatever you’re looking for, Local Installers has the solution. We do more than just fast installations; we’ll help you optimise the placement of your TV so you have the most optimal viewing/display experience for your home or business.

TV Install Wall Mount Bracket Supply

Supply Only

You Choose, We Deliver

Local Installer specialise in providing a wide range of wall mount brackets, catering to various needs and specifications. We offer an extensive selection, from simple, fixed models to more advanced, articulating designs. Their inventory typically includes options suitable for different device sizes and weights, ensuring customers find the perfect match for their equipment. We supply durable brackets that ensure safe and secure mounting solutions.

TV Wall Mount Installation

Supply and Install

The Complete Solution

Want help purchasing the most effective TV wall mounts and brackets to get your screens all set up in your home or business? Done. Our complete wall mounting supply and installation service will get your TV/home theatre all hooked up and ready to go in no time, just reach out to us, and we’ll handle it all for you.

Wall Mount Being Installed

Install Only

Your Products, Our Expertise

If you’ve purchased TV screens or entertainment systems and just want help mounting them or installing them with effective stands that suit your space, no worries. Our team at Local Installers works all across the country (and can come to small towns and remote locations) to get your TV connected. We’re experts in residential and commercial TV installation and mounting and will guarantee that the job is done efficiently and safely by our friendly electricians.

TV Installation, Mounting, and Home Theatre Installation Specialists

New TV units can enhance our spaces by up-levelling our entertainment and ambience. For homes, they’re often an essential part of our lifestyles. For businesses, they can add a lot of value by offering digital signage, present information, and using it for other marketing purposes. Whether you’re looking to hook up your complete home entertainment system or you’re searching for TV screen installation for your commercial space, we’ve got you covered. We know that your unique space and needs demand a custom approach. We’re experts in wall mounting, TV stands, brackets, and other installation solutions that match your space perfectly. You want the best TV unit installed fast and accurately at a reasonable price. It’s not asking too much when you work with us; we guarantee it. Local Installers will help you select the perfect brand and suitable wall mounting equpiment and brackets for different TV models, and we’ll schedule your installation, all at a lower price than if you worked it out yourself. Save yourself time, energy, and money by choosing Local Installers for your speedy set up of your new TV unit, entertainment system, or commercial screen solution.
Find a Local Installers Near You
Local Installers Near You

Supporting Your Local Economy

Did you know when you choose Local Installers, you’re helping in the growth of your local economy? We only work with trusted local professionals in your area.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

Family Saving with Local Installers
Partnered with the best brands

We’re Partnered With Australia’s Leading TV Installation Brands

We’re partnered with Australia’s leading TV mounting and bracket retailers so you can get the best products for your TV installation at great prices. We’ll help you choose the right installation method to get your screens mounting or standing to create a better viewing experience (that will stand the test of time). Our electricians are experienced with working with all types of screen mounting techniques, so you can trust that no matter what TV you choose, it’ll be installed accurately with the right knowledge. Choose Local Installers for a quick and seamless installation experience.

The Local Installers Process

At Local Installers, we aim to make the installation process as straightforward as possible.

Request a Quote

1. Request a Quote

We’ll get your TV installed in no time. Just share your details and requirements with us. Our intuitive form makes this step easy and quick.

Expert Services

2. Speak with an Expert

We’ll assign a local expert to you who will be able answer any questions you may have and discuss your supply and installation requirements in more detail.  

After Service Support

3. After-Service Support

Your journey with us doesn’t end with the installation. We offer exceptional customer support for any post-installation needs. Our team is available to assist you.


Takes Less Than 1 Min

Why Choose Local Installers For Your Wall Mounting and TV Installation?

Simply put, we’re the best. Get product recommendations and advice, speedy delivery, and skilled installation when you work with Local Installers.

We'll Call You Today

Speedy Service

You don’t have time to chase up retailers and installers; we get it. You want a fast response as soon as you reach out and for your TV to be delivered and installed without any long wait times. Leave it to us.

Expert Local Installers

Certified Experts

Our electricians are licensed, certified, and experienced in a wide range of residential and commercial TV installations. We only work with experts.

Services and Support

Guidance & Support

You’re getting a complete service, not just installation. We’ll help you with everything from purchasing the correct mounting materials and brackets to delivering it and ensuring that it’s operating perfectly once it’s all hooked up. Local Installers is here to support you.

The Best Service. Better Prices.

We do it better at Local Installers

Here at Local Installers, we see you as more than just a customer. We dive into understanding what you’re looking for, how you want your TV system to function, and the budget preferences you’re working with. We get that you’re after a TV setup that’s not just affordable but also one that’s positioned for optimal performance (whether it’s for entertainment, information sharing, marketing, or interactive usage).
Affordable Installation
Trusted Installation Experts
TV Set up and Wall Mounting Bracket
Home Rangehood Installation Quote

Your Installation, Made Simple

Electrical work requires a high level of technical expertise, especially when it comes to ensuring the safe and reliable use of your entertainment and display systems for the long haul. We simplify it for you by handling all the hard labour, including finding the right installer who understands your unique needs and ensuring that everything is working great post-installation.

Specialists in TV Installations


We Understand Your Specific Needs


Competitive Pricing and Fixed Quotes


Quality Guarantees on Installations


Homes and Business Set-Ups

Takes Less Than 1 Min

Personalised Services

We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we guarantee great service.

No Account Required

No more accounts, passwords and job boards, Local Installers makes the process of getting a quote hassle-free.


100% Free Quotes

Getting a quote from Local Installers is 100% free. We will never charge you a cent or sell your personal data.

Committed To High-Quality Workmanship
We’re not happy with average installation; we strive for the absolute best workmanship every single time. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a simple digital TV for your apartment or interactive display systems for your business, our electricians treat every job with high-quality precision. And the job isn’t complete until your TV system is running perfectly.
We Work With Your Budget
The latest tech in audio and visual entertainment isn’t cheap. We know you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to get your new home or business TV. Rather than shop around wondering if you’re really getting the best installation prices, turn to Local Installers. We’ll make sure that you pay the lowest prices possible on TV mounting products and installation services.
Customised TV Set Up
Our electricians know how to craft the perfect set-up for your home or business TV system. You want it to perform the best, have the most ideal soundscape, and integrate the unit/s seamlessly into your environment. Our experts have done it all and make sure you’re getting a custom service for your unique needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Read what our customers have to say about their experience with Read real reviews from satisfied clients. Find out why they trust us for their Install needs.

“Big thanks to Local Installers, who helped us choose the perfect solution. The electrician, was friendly and polite and installed it on short notice. Highly recommended.”

Geoff Y. – NSW

“We’ve used Local Installers several times now. The service was incredible from the get-go. Was surprised how quickly everything came together. Big thanks to the Local Installers team.”

John K. – VIC

“Great service and communication. I had an existing installation that need to be replaced and the whole process was much smoother than I expected. Will be using these guys again in future for sure.”

Sarah L. – QLD

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Local Installers Advantage
Quality Solutions

We’ll Cut Costs (& Save You Time)

Our efforts to give you unmatched service, quality, and prices are why our customers keep choosing us for their home and business products and installations. Check out the benefits you get when you choose Local Installers:

Average Savings

We’ve got unbeatable prices and the most cost-effective installation service for your TV. Our customers typically save an average of $185 with every TV installation.

Expert Installers

We work with skilled and experienced installation experts who care about the quality of their work. The best electricians give you better results.



Our service is 70% faster, on average, compared to other providers. Your TV will be up and running swiftly, without compromising on the installation quality.

Connect With Local Experts For Your Installation

Whether it’s getting commercial display systems hooked up in your store or putting a simple digital TV screen into your home, our installers handle it all. No matter where you live in Australia, we’ve got a local installer for you.

Takes Less Than 2 Min

The Best TV Installation & Wall Mounting Service Guaranteed

Wall Mounting & TV Installation Experts
Not all electricians are skilled at every type of installation job. When you want your TV unit, home entertainment system, or commercial screens installed accurately, you want it to be done by someone who knows what they’re doing. We’ve got the experts for you.
Hand-picked Electricians (We Work With The Best)

You want the job done right. There’s nothing worse than having your new home theatre system or TV screen not actually working as it should. Especially if you feel like you paid a premium price to get it hooked up. With Local Installers, you can be confident that you’re getting a certified professional to handle the installation accurately. We carefully choose the electricians we work with so you’re getting an expert, all without paying high fees.

Wide Range of TV Installations

Our local electricians have experience installing every type of TV system you can think of. We’ve helped Aussie homeowners and businesses get their new systems mounted, offering attractive prices on complete installation services.

Whether you need digital television wall brackets, projector system wall brackets, mounting multiple interactive display systems, outdoor TV wall bracket solutions, or many other types of TV wall mounting. We’ll set you up with a local electrician for your TV wall mounting needs. We can also assist you in finding the most suitable and affordable TV wall mounting units, brackets, or stands at great prices. Reach out to us today.

Complete TV Wall Mounting Service

We do more than just connect you with a professional installer for wall mounting. We can help you find the perfect TV wall mount for your particular TV and to suit the layout of your space. Professional advice and friendly help is what you can expect in our TV wall mounting services.

Get in touch today!
Great Customer Service

Schedule Your TV Wall Mounting Service Today

All you need to do is contact us and tell us what you need, and you can sit back while we handle the rest. When you reach out to us, we’ll get your television installation done faster than if you were to find an electrician in your local area yourself. Plus, since we also help you choose the right mounts, stands, and brackets, you don’t have to chase different stores and search for the best prices. Leave it all to us.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

TV Wall Mounting FAQs

How much does TV installation cost?
The cost for your TV installation will vary based on the type of TV you’ve purchased, how it is mounted (the material and structure of your wall), or whether you go with brackets and stands, as well as the installer’s expertise. Local Installers will connect you with an experienced professional in your area who offers transparent quotes on their work so you know what to expect. Whether it’s a simple wall mount or a more complex setup, you get a competitive price, saving you money on your home entertainment or business solution.
Do home theatre systems require special wiring?
Yes, setting up a home theatre system will often require some specialised wiring to ensure that it is performing optimally. Local Installers links you with skilled professionals who understand the intricacies of home theatre setups and who are experienced in all different types of installations. They assess your space, considering factors like speaker placement and cable routing, ensuring a customised wiring solution to enhance your audio-visual experience.
Do TVs need to be installed by an electrician?

Yes, we recommend always choosing an electrician to handle your TV installations. DIY installation can result in damage to your property, as well as danger by undertaking electrical work without the expertise. The professionals we work with understand the nuances of mounting and cable management, are fully insured, and are experienced in providing a seamless and safe TV installation.

Do you provide a warranty for the installation?

The expert electricians who work with Local Installers stand by the quality of all wall mounting and TV installations that they undertake. Our connected experts offer various guarantees on their service, assuring you of their workmanship and giving you peace of mind. Simply ask your installer about what specific quality assurance they offer so you feel fully supported in the unlikely event of issues post-installation.

Can you assist with concealing TV cables for a cleaner look?
Absolutely, we can create a more pleasant and clean look for your space when we set up your TV. Local Installers specialises in cable management solutions for a sleek finish for homes and businesses, so you don’t have any unsightly cables. Our experts carefully route and conceal cables for a clutter-free appearance. Whether it’s a wall-mounted system or a TV unit placed on furniture, the finished product will be clean.
Are there specific mounts for different TV sizes?
Yes, there are different mount options designed for various TV sizes, styles, and weights. The Local Installers professionals consider the specifications of your TV when selecting the appropriate mount and let you know why this is the best choice to go with. From small screens to large smart TVs, our experts ensure the right mount is chosen for secure and stable installation.
Can you set up smart features on my new TV?
We sure can. With most TV systems now optimised for smart capabilities, our team at Local Installers are very capable of configuring smart features on your new TV. Whether it’s connecting to Wi-Fi, setting up streaming services, or integrating with other smart devices in your business, our professionals ensure your TV is fully optimised for the latest technology.

Supporting Local Aussie Economies

When you work with Local Installers, you’re supporting local Aussie businesses. Rest assured you’re contributing to growth of your local economy when you choose us.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

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