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Solar Brands We Work With
Solar Brands We Work With
Friday, 26 July: Current Solar Install Timeframes

Don’t Wait Weeks for Installation. 

Please note that Solar System installation time frames will potentially vary based on your location, electrical infrastructure, and our team’s current scheduling.

Average Install Within:



Your Complete Solar System Supply & Install Solution

Local Installers handle comprehensive solar system supply, delivery, and installation. Whether your home or business needs new solar panels or solar batteries (plus much more), we can help. We’ll recommend the best solar brands on the market and send our professional installers to any location across Australia.

Solar System Delivery

Supply Only

Choose Your System & We’ll Deliver

If you only need a solar system, solar panels, or solar batteries without installation, we’ve got you. Our team will recommend options for the most energy-efficient solar power system for your home or business so you’re not overpaying for what you don’t need. We’ll help you with purchase and delivery to your door.

Solar Supply and Install solar power panels

Supply and Install

Our Most Popular Service

Get everything sorted at once – we’ll help you choose the best solar system and deliver it the same day, as well as connect you with a local expert to install it. No need to do any of the hard work yourself; leave it to us and get your new solar system up and running in no time.

Solar System Installation

Install Only

Complete System Set-Up

If you already have a solar system but need assistance with professional installation, simply contact us, and we’ll send one of our team out to your home or business. No matter what brand or make your unit is, our local installation experts have a wide range of experience with many different Australian solar systems.

Australian Solar System Installation Experts

Installing a solar system into your home or business is a big deal. Firstly, congrats on deciding to switch to solar-powered solutions (or upgrade your existing systems). Local Installers is proud to be supporting Aussies who are choosing more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

When it comes to choosing your solar system, you want to be confident that you’re getting something that will last the test of time (and the harsh Aussie climate). Your solar pv system, panels, or solar battery installation needs to be done with precision.

We understand that solar can be a sizable investment, which is why you want the most suitable, great-functioning system installed safely to get the most optimal performance for the long haul.

Thankfully, at Local Installers, our expert electricians have extensive experience solar solutions for homes and businesses. They’ll provide you with insider tips on getting a solar system that fulfills your needs (while bringing down your electricity bill).

We’ll link you with reputable distributors to get an affordable system, as well as connect you with licensed local installation professionals who’ll set up your solar system from start to finish.

Solar Installation Services
Solar Home Install

Aussie Solar Installations

By working with Local Installers, you are supporting local Aussie tradies. Thank you for your efforts in contributing to the growth of local businesses.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

Solar System Set Up and Install
Home Aircon Install

We’re Partnered with Australia’s Best Solar System Brands

We’re connected to Australia’s leading solar-powered brands, whether it’s solar battery solutions, EV chargers, Solar PV systems, and much more. We’ve hand-selected the most reputable manufacturers and distributors to partner with to offer you the most competitive rates of solar systems. Additionally, for your installation, Local Installers has a network of vetted professionals who work all across Australia, helping to power up homes and businesses in even the most remote locations.

Top Solar Brands:

Fronius Solar

Fronius Solar


Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar Solar Installation.

Canadian Solar

Risen Solar

Risen Solar Installation.


REC Solar

REC Solar Installation.


Hyundai Solar

Hyundai Solar Installation.


Solar Edge Solar

Solar Edge Solar Installation.

Solar Edge

Longi Solar

Longi Solar Installation.


Sunpower Solar

Sunpower Solar Installation.


The Local Installers Process

At Local Installers, we aim to make the Solar installation process as straightforward as possible.

Request a Quote

1. Request a Quote

Begin your solar installation journey by sharing your details and requirements with us. Our intuitive form makes this step easy and quick.

Speak to An Expert

2. Speak with an Expert

We’ll assign a local expert to you who will be able answer any questions you may have and discuss your supply and installation requirements in more detail.  

After Service Support

3. After-Service Support

Your journey with us doesn’t end with the installation. We offer exceptional customer support for any post-installation needs. Our team is available to assist you.


Takes Less Than 1 Min

Why Choose Local Installers Solar System Installation?

Put simply, we’re the best at what we do. We’re your expert advisors on all things solar system supply and installation. Here’s why:

We'll Call You Today

Instant Communication

You’ll hear from us the same day you reach out. We’ll ensure you don’t have lengthy wait times for your solar system supply, delivery, and installation.

Expert Local Installers

Licensed Install Experts

If you’re looking for certified, experienced, and licensed installation experts, trust Local Installers to hook you up with a reputable installer. We only work with professionals.

Solar System Guidance and Support

Guidance & Support

Unlike other distributors, we’re not trying to get a fast sale. We’ll spend time assessing your needs and directing you to suitable brands and models so you’re supported in your search for a great solar system.

Our Commitment

Trust us with your home or business

You’re not just another number that’s getting a sub-par service. We treat you as a human first. Your home or business needs a unique solution to have your solar system operating exactly as you need.

Our installers offer a completely custom solution, from recommending suitable products and advising on the right placement of your system to sourcing competitive prices and directing you to the best tips to reduce your energy bills.

Affordable Installation
Quality Service
Home With Solar Panels
Solar System Supply and Install

No Hassle Installation

It can be confusing to navigate the landscape of solar system types and installation services. When you need to decide on the right system or trying to find a professional installation company, turn to Local Installers. We’ll do the work to get you set up with an affordable solar solution, as well as send a professional straight to your door to get it safely installed.


Licensed and Experienced Solar Experts


Transparent Prices & Fixed Quotes


Quality Guarantee on Products & Services


Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, and Solar Systems Install


For Homes and Businesses

Takes Less Than 1 Min

Personalised Services

We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements; whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we guarantee great service.


No Account Required

No more accounts, passwords and job boards, Local Installers makes the process of getting a quote hassle-free.


100% Free Quotes

Getting a quote from Local Installers is 100% free. We will never charge you a cent or sell your personal data.

Our Promise to You

We only work with professionals committed to delivering the highest standard of service. Each solar installation we connect you with will adhere to all safety standards and regulations for Australian homes and businesses, according to your region and unique situation. You can count on us to delivery solid solar battery installation, solar panels set-up, and solar system solutions.

Supply and Install Solar Systems

We do more than just help you schedule a fast installation of your solar system; we also help you purchase the perfect solution and deliver it to your door. Our expert advisors have in-depth knowledge of the best brands on the market and which units are suited to different needs and environments. Just reach out to us for guidance.

Superior Solar System Solutions

We know you want something affordable – both in the system and the installation process – but we also understand that you don’t want to compromise on quality. After all, a durable solar system is an investment in long-term savings. We can help you find a cost-effective way to set your new solar system up just right.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Read what our customers have to say about their experience with Read real reviews from satisfied clients. Find out why they trust us for their solar needs.

“We were initially hesitant to get a quote for a solar set up, if we had known it would be quoted and installed in just a few days, we would have done it a lot sooner. Incredible service from the Local Installers team.”

Russel G. – VIC

“Great work and service from the beginning. We got a great price on our solar system and big shout out to Mark and Ben who installed it all, they were friendly, polite and professional. Can’t recommend Local Installers enough.”

Johnny V. – NSW

“We have had solar installed in a previous home and the process was much more tedious than with Local Installers. Good price and service. Definitely recommend these guys. Will be in touch for our investment property soon.”

Louisa M. – QLD

No Obligation Quick Quote

Save with Local Installers
Trusted Local Experts

Local Installers Saves You Money (+ Time)

We’ve personally selected expert installers all across the country so you can be confident that you’re getting the best service at the best prices. All while supporting local Aussie economies.

Average Savings

We save our customers around $185 on average on solar system supply and installation services. Our network of distributors and installers offers the most competitive rates.

Expert Installers

Our huge network of professional installers is selected for their reliable and quality workmanship. You can trust us to get the job done right.



We’ll get your solar system installed 70% faster (on average) compared to when posting on job boards looking for an installer in your area.

Connect With Solar System Installation Experts

Wherever your home or business is located in Australia, we’ve got an installer for you (even in the most remote locations). No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Takes Less Than 2 Min

Your Trusted Partner in Solar System Supply & Set Up

Solar Installation Experts

No need to spend extra time researching the best installers in your area who have the right skills to set up your solar system. We do it all for you. Local Installers only works with experienced professionals. We’ll help schedule your installation with a local solar expert.

We Give You the Complete Solution
If all you need is help installing a solar system that you already have, we can help. If you need some advice on which make and model is best suited to your climate and property, we can help. And if you’re after a new system delivered to your door and installed into your home or business, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your needs, Local Installers has the team and resources to make it happen. Don’t try to handle it all yourself and get lost in the sea of brands, panels, batteries, and installation company options. Make it simple and no hassle by working with us.
Range of Solar System Installations
Our solar system installers have years of experience working with a wide variety of Australian solar system brands, models, and units. No matter what you’re looking for to install in your home or business, we’ve got the goods. Our team works with a wide range of solar systems, solar panels, and solar batteries for residential and commercial purposes, and our expert installers know their way around even the most complex systems. Reach out to us to get expert advice on the best solar system for you, and we’ll also connect you with a local expert who can complete your installation.
Our Selection Process is Meticulous
We understand that you’re looking for a balance of great service without breaking the bank. After all, purchasing a solar system is a big investment. While we’re focused on providing our customers with competitive rates on both solar system supply and installation services, we never compromise on quality. All of the Local Installers in our network have been vetted for their expertise and experience. They are licensed, certified professionals who understand the complexities of solar systems in the Australian Climate. You’ll only find excellent installers here.
Customer Support
Excellent Customer Support

Contact Local Installers Today

If you’re ready to get your solar system installed (or a new system purchased and delivered), reach out to us, and we’ll get you sorted ASAP. Contact the friendly team at Local Installers today, and we’ll provide you with a free quote on your installation, as well as give you some expert tips on choosing the right system. We’ll handle your entire process, from deciding your purchase to the final set-up.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

Solar Panel Installation FAQs

Is it hard to install a solar system?
In short, yes, it’s difficult to install a solar system for those who do not have the relevant certifications or experience. DIY installation is never recommended. Installing a solar system requires technical expertise to ensure a safe and accurate installation so your system operates to full performance capacity. At Local Installers, we connect you with skilled professionals to ensure a seamless installation process. Our local experts handle everything, from assessing your infrastructure to setting up the system efficiently. Trust us for a hassle-free and expertly executed solar installation personally tailored to your home or business.
How much does a solar system cost in Australia?

The price of a solar system depends on what type of system it is; for example, an extensive solar panel installation will be more expensive than a simple solar battery installation. Additionally, the cost will also depend on the brand you choose and the actual unit (size, features and function). We recommend contacting reputable suppliers who have access to competitive prices on solar systems in Australia. Thankfully, Local Installers can help! Our network of solar brands and installers gives you the most cost-effective solution for purchasing a new solar system and having it directly installed in your home or business. Reach out to us today for more information.

How much does it cost to install solar systems in Australia?
Firstly, depending on the type of system (solar power panels, commercial batteries, etc), the cost will vary greatly. Then, with each system type, the price differs from brand to brand, as well as the unit type and size. Additionally, the complexity of the actual installation job (depending on your property and the placement) and the expertise of the installer will play a role in the rates of the service. You don’t have to navigate all of this on your own. Local Installers assists you in finding the best value by connecting you with experienced professionals who provide accurate quotes considering your energy needs and competitive rates compared to other professionals in your area. Contact us for personalised recommendations on affordable solar panels and solar battery installers today.
What solar brand is most reliable?
Some Australian-owned big brands, such as LG Solar, REC and SunPower are known for high-performance solar panels and inverters for homes and businesses. While there are many solar brands out there that have a good reputation in the Aussie market, we recommend that you consult with one of our team at Local Installers. We’ll save any unnecessary research on your part while our advisors offer expert advice on the top brands according to the type of solar system you’re looking for.
How long does it take to install solar systems?

The installation time for solar systems varies greatly based on the type of solar system (e.g. commercial full-scale solar panels for a business will take much longer than basic solar panels or solar pv systems for a home). Additionally, the size of the system (how many panels), the placement of the unit, and the expertise of the installer will all impact the installation time. Local Installers connects you with efficient professionals who prioritise both speed and precision. Typically, a residential installation can take less than a day, while larger commercial projects may extend the timeline to a few days if the system is very complex. Count on our experts for a timely and thorough solar system installation.

Do you provide a warranty for the installation?

The experts who work with Local Installers are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction, meaning that if you’re not happy with your installation, they will resolve the issue on the spot or find a solution that works best for you. In most cases, the installers who work with us do provide their own individual warranty guarantees. All you need to do is speak to your solar installer and ask about their customer satisfaction process and warranty services. When it comes to the performance warranty of the solar system you have purchased (not related to the installation), you’d simply need to refer to the solar retailer.

Is installing solar panels expensive?

It all depends on what you consider as expensive. While it can be a sizable investment to get an accredited solar installer to set up your panels or batteries, it’s always best to go with professionals. DIY installation is never worth the risk, even if it initially saves you some money – as the cost of fixing damaged systems or infrastructure (not to mention the health risks) can be far greater than paying for an expert installer. Choosing solar already gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money down the track on your energy bills. When you consider the cost savings to your electricity bill, solar panels are a great investment. To know the cost of certain solar systems and how much it would cost to get them installed at your location, contact us today, and we’ll direct you to all the right info.

Aussie Solar Installations

By working with Local Installers, you are supporting local Aussie tradies. Thank you for your efforts in contributing to the growth of Australian businesses.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

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