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Kindly note that our installation service time frame may vary due to high demand, the type of installation you need and your exact location.

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Extensive Downlight Installation Service

Are you looking to get new downlights installed in your home or business? Local Installers can help. Whether you need help installing halogen downlights or more energy-efficient LED downlights, we’ll supply and deliver your new light to your doorstep and provide complete installation.

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Sent Directly To Your Doorstep

Our services extend beyond downlight installations. Whether you’re looking for fixed downlights, smart home system downlights or LED downlight installation, we can help you purchase the right product at the best market price. We’ll deliver the downlight in no time with the help of our distributors and vendors near your location.

Down Lights in Kitchen

Supply and Install

The Complete Solution

Local Installers handles every aspect of downlight installation with our complete solution. This means we’ll help you buy the best type and brand of your new downlight, deliver it to you, and install it with local lighting specialists. No need to work it out yourself; we have experts to guide you at every stage, catering for your specific needs.
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Install Only

We’ll Finish The Job. Quickly.

Have you already purchased downlights but can’t find the right installer near you? Our team at Local Installers is here for you. No matter where you live or which kind of installation you need, we can ensure fast and safe downlight installation with our vast network of expert electricians. Connect with us, and we’ll send a local installer right away.

Australia’s Downlight Installation Specialists

With many types of downlights available in the market, it can be hard to know which is best. Whether you want to increase the appeal of your interiors or move more towards saving energy in your home or business, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right downlight to get the best performance and energy output.

Our experts will provide recommendations and guidance in your decision-making process to choose the perfect downlight for your space. Whether you choose LED downlights or complex downlights like the IOT-enabled ones and IP-rated waterproof lights, we can also find a local expert close to you to install them.

Local Installers have teamed up with the top distributors of best downlight brands such as Martec, Aurora, Philips, and Havit. We provide insider tips for choosing the best brand and hook you up with a licensed electrician to get your LED downlights installed or perform all other downlight installations. We guarantee peace of mind.

Find a Local Installers Near You
Local Installers Near You

Supporting Your Local Economy

Did you know when you choose Local Installers, you’re helping in the growth of your local economy? We only work with trusted local professionals in your area.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

Family Saving bu Local Installers
Partnered with the best brands

Teamed-up With Australia’s Top Downlight Brands

Local Installers works only with top brands that have a track record of providing the best and most versatile downlight solutions for catering for every type of customer.

Our partnership with these local brands means we offer you insider info and product advice and provide you with the most competitive pricing on your new accent lighting. Our network of electricians and lighting specialists spans across Australia, so we get the best downlights to your doorstep and perform a fast installation, no matter where you’re located.

The Local Installers Process

At Local Installers, we aim to make the installation process as straightforward as possible.

Request a Quote

1. Request a Quote

We’ll get your downlights installed in no time. Just share your details and requirements with us. Our intuitive form makes this step easy and quick.

Expert Services

2. Speak with an Expert

We’ll assign a local expert to you who will be able answer any questions you may have and discuss your supply and installation requirements in more detail.  

After Service Support

3. After-Service Support

Your journey with us doesn’t end with the installation. We offer exceptional customer support for any post-installation needs. Our team is available to assist you.


Takes Less Than 1 Min

The Local Installers Unique Edge

We pride ourselves on being a customer-friendly company. We take away all the hassle by doing it all for you, and we aren’t done till you’re 100% satisfied.

We'll Call You Today

Lightning-Fast Service

We know you’re busy, so we respect your time by responding the same day you enquire about our services and sending out an installer to your location faster than if you found one yourself.

Expert Local Installers

Experienced Lighting Specialists

With years of expertise and proper licenses, our installers are vetted professionals who have proven track records for their installation services over the years.

Services and Support

Total Support

We care more about the experience and provide total support even after the downlight installation is done. If you need any assistance after installation, reach out, and we’ll send a technician to resolve any issues.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Your Local & Reliable Installer

At Local Installers, we understand that you want to feel confident that you’re paying for the perfect downlight and installation service.

You don’t change lights every other day and certainly don’t want to mess with the complex electrical network with a mediocre job. We care about your experience and the property’s assets, which is why we only work with expert electricians who have experience and qualifications to install every kind of downlight with accuracy.

Affordable Installation
Trusted Installation Experts
Downlights in Kitchen
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Why Choose Us For Downlight Installation?

When it comes to quality, we’re relentless. Providing exceptional service is what we aim for, and to do that, we go above and beyond to guide you to the perfect downlight and always strive to schedule only the best installer near you. We carefully select expert electricians to work with and make sure you feel supported with our complete assistance. From product quality to the installation service, you can count on us.

Licensed, Certified Electricians


Unmatched Pricing & Fixed Quotes


Service Guarantee for Peace of Mind


Home & Business Solutions

Takes Less Than 1 Min

Personalised Services

We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we guarantee great service.

No Account Required

No more accounts, passwords and job boards, Local Installers makes the process of getting a quote hassle-free.


100% Free Quotes

Getting a quote from Local Installers is 100% free. We will never charge you a cent or sell your personal data.

Trustworthy Lighting Specialists
You know that installing a downlight requires specific electrical expertise. But how can you know which installer will complete the job safely and accurately? With our team of carefully hand-picked installers across Australia, we can guarantee that you will get trustworthy electricians who will do the job right, first time, every time. Our electricians have all the necessary licenses and certifications and perform the job safely.
Versatile Downlight Options
Do you have a smart home system and want to find the best downlight to connect to it? Local Installers can supply the most innovative downlights on the market at unbeatable prices. Maybe you’re looking to get downlights with controllable beam angles for your commercial space? We’ve got you covered. Local Installers has partnered with the best Aussie brands, providing the most versatile downlight options. We’ll help you with product purchase, delivery, and installation.
Affordable Prices, Every Time
Proving quality is not a big deal. But doing that without overcharging customers is different. With Local Installers, you will never feel like you overpaid for the installation services or your products. We can offer the best prices without compromising on quality. Our expert electricians have the same ideology, too. No paying ridiculous fees so that you get something you’re happy with.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Read what our customers have to say about their experience with Read real reviews from satisfied clients. Find out why they trust us for their Installation requirements.

“Big thanks to Local Installers, who helped us choose the perfect solution. The electrician, was friendly and polite and installed it on short notice. Highly recommended.”

Geoff Y. – NSW

“We’ve used Local Installers several times now. The service was incredible from the get-go. Was surprised how quickly everything came together. Big thanks to the Local Installers team.”

John K. – VIC

“Great service and communication. I had an existing installation that need to be replaced and the whole process was much smoother than I expected. Will be using these guys again in future for sure.”

Sarah L. – QLD

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Local Installers Advantage
Quality Solutions

Reasons You Need Local Installers

With a huge team of distributors, lighting specialists, and top brands on board, we have the advantage when offering our Aussie customers the best installation services and downlight products. Here’s why:

Average Savings

Whether you need downlight installation for your home or your business, we save $185 for every customer, on average.

Expert Installers

We’ve partnered with licensed electricians across the country and verified every specialist with their proven track record.



Our installers are so good at their job, thanks to their years of experience, that we can perform the downlight installation 70% faster, saving you time.

Our Local Downlight Installers Are Ready

Don’t put any extra time and effort into trying to find a trustworthy electrician for downlight installation near you. We can help you connect with the right installer today without you having to do a thing.

Takes Less Than 2 Min

Your Partner in Everything Downlights

Straightforward Downlight Installation

We provide you with the most straightforward downlight installation customised per your needs. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the right downlight at affordable prices, deliver it, and hook you up with a local expert installer.

Your Complete Package

With Local Installers, we offer the complete solution — from downlight product supply to professional installation. We have partnered with vendors, distributors, expert electricians and local advisors to give you complete support. Here is our simple process:

  • Step 1: Our advisors recommend the best brands and products.
  • Step 2: We get you those products at unbeatable prices.
  • Step 3: We supply it to you immediately with our lighting fast delivery service.
  • Step 4: We connect you with a local installer to get you all set up.

AND: If you’ve already purchased downlights, we can simply perform the installation. Connect with us today and let our team take care of you.

We Have Experience With a Range of Downlights

Your installation needs are unique, and we understand that. Maybe you’re a business setting up a rustic interior and need an affordable downlight to match the aesthetic. Or maybe you want to save on bills and change out your current lights for LED downlights. We help you with purchasing the right product, as well as promptly installing downlights with precision. We work with:

  • Beamed angles
  • Smart downlights
  • LED lights
  • Dimmable downlights
  • Fixed and adjustable downlights
  • Waterproof, IP-rated downlights
  • Fire-rated downlights
  • Designer downlights
  • Retrofit downlights
  • Replacing halogen downlights

Connect with us today. Our advisors would understand your needs and suggest the most cost-effective and suitable lighting systems.

We Hand-pick Our Downlight Installers

Unlike other providers in the market who work with unverified installers and overcharge you to perform the simplest jobs, we take a different route. At Local Installers, we assure quality in everything we do. We have carefully handpicked our installers from various regions of the country. Our electricians are trustworthy, and because of this commitment to collaborating with professionals, we can assure you 100% satisfaction. Simply put, we do the leg work at an unmatched price.

Get in touch today!
Great Customer Service

Connect With Local Installers Today

Whether you’re ready with our downlight or need a complete solution for downlight installation, contact the friendly team at Local Installers. Don’t worry if you live even in the most remote location in Australia; we can link you with a qualified electrician near you to come out to your property and get you all set up in no time. Whatever your needs, reach out and we’ll let you know how we can assist you.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

Downlight Installation Australia FAQs

What downlights to buy in Australia?

We recommend buying quality, safety-approved downlights from reliable Australian brands like Martec, Aurora, Philips, and Havit. Consider factors like luminosity, beam angle, colour temperature, insulation rating, and dimensions to suit your space when choosing downlights. Also, know that some brands are more specialised in LED lighting, compared to other downlights like halogen downlights. Contact us to assist you in purchasing the right downlight for your location and needs and booking a local expert to install the downlights that you’ve chosen. Our electricians have extensive experience in installing LED downlights or upgrading existing halogen downlights, giving you advice on the best products and placement for your space.

Do you need an electrician to fit downlights?

Yes, for legal compliance and safe functioning, we strongly advise getting a licensed electrician to install downlights. We ensure correct wiring, circuit loading, fire safety, effective placement of light bulbs, and council regulation adherence when we link you with a professional to install downlights for you. Remember, it is against Australian law to perform electrical work by yourself. We will connect you with a local electrician to fit your downlights ASAP to ensure safety and accuracy.

How much does it cost to install LED downlights?

The cost of installing LED down lights is not standard. It can vary based on the number of lights, roof type, accessibility, etc., but the average downlight installation cost for LED lighting is $80-150 per downlight by a qualified electrician. Multi-light installations offer better pricing if you get them all done by the same installer at the same time. Contact us, and we’ll offer you a free quote on the installation and hook you up with a reputable installer to complete the job.

Do you provide a warranty for your downlight installation service?

Since Local Installers only work with expert electricians and professionals, most installers that you’ll be connected with will offer some form of guarantee on installing downlights. The exact guarantee period will depend on the type of product and installation service you get. Simply speak to your installer and ask about the satisfaction guarantee that they offer before they perform your installation.

Can I integrate downlights with my smart home system?

Yes, absolutely, you can integrate your new downlights into your smart home system. Modern smart downlights compatible with home automation systems can be voice-controlled, scheduled, dimmed, and grouped into zones from your smartphone. We suggest Aussie brands like Lifx, Philips Hue, or Brilliant Smart. Whether you’ve chosen LED lighting or you’re looking to get a dimmable light bulb, our installers are well-versed in all types of electrical system. You’re in good hands. Reach out to Local Installers, and we’ll give you a recommendation on brands and products once we understand your smart home system network and what you’re looking for.

Is installing downlights better for energy efficiency than traditional lighting?

Installing downlights can enhance energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting. Downlights use less power, contributing to reduced electricity bills. Their longer lifespan also outshines old lights, minimising the frequency of light bulb replacements. When you shift to downlights, you’ll be aligning with a more sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution for your home or business. Also, note that LED downlights are known to be more energy efficient compared to halogen downlights. Reach out to us for recommendations on downlight products and electricians who can install downlights fast and accurately.

Supporting Local Aussie Economies

When you work with Local Installers, you’re supporting local Aussie businesses. Rest assured you’re contributing to growth of your local economy when you choose us.

Takes Less Than 1 Min

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